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The Greatest Of All Time Whiskey

Proudly Distilled & Bottled in Indian Trail, NC

The Story of Doodle Sasser

Read about Doodle Sasser, a simple farmer turned notorious ‘shine’ distiller and namesake of our distillery.

About G.O.A.T. Whiskey

Our whiskey is fermented from a pure grain mash high in rye and barley content giving it a flavor unlike other whiskeys. Our whiskey is distilled multiple times to ensure that the taste is smoother than the rest, and our charred Carolina white oak aging process gives us a smoky flavor you won’t find unless you’re drinking the Greatest Of All Time, GOAT Whiskey.
40% ALC/Vol, 80 Proof

G.O.A.T. Drinks

Cocktail recipes for every occasion carefully curated by G.O.A.T. aficionados.

G.O.A.T. Gear

Proudly show off your appreciation for the Greatest Of All Time grain whiskey.