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About G.O.A.T. Whiskey

Our whiskey is fermented from a pure grain mash high in rye and barley content giving it a flavor unlike other whiskeys. Our whiskey is distilled multiple times to ensure that the taste is smoother than the rest, and our charred Carolina white oak aging process gives us a smoky flavor you won’t find unless you’re drinking the Greatest Of All Time, GOAT Whiskey.
40% ALC/Vol, 80 Proof

The Story of Doodle Sasser

Way back in the fifties in south GA there was a farmer named Doodle Sasser. At some point in his illustrious farming career, he made the decision to allocate some of his corn crop towards a more lucrative business. The fruits of this new venture eventually caught the attention of the law, who decided that they weren’t happy having untaxed liquor operations in their town. After Doodle had some quality jail time to reconsider what, according to the law, was a poor life decision, he ultimately decided to go back to farming and leave the liquor business to other folks. So here we are more than half a century later with a family recipe for amazing liquor, and a strong desire to avoid any issues with the law, picking up where Doodle Sasser left off.

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Passed Out Goat

Don’t be baaaaad!


We know it’s good so you will be tempted but please don’t drink all your G.O.A.T. Whiskey at one time. You don’t want to end up passed out like the last goat that did that.

*No goats were harmed in the making of this whiskey